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MADOO is a Japanese earphone brand established in 2021, specializing in multi-driver configurations.​

MADOO is an emerging earphone brand that was officially branded by a Japanese engineer who has been involved in the​

 OEM/ODM development of Acoustune earphones and high-end earphones.​

Hi-Fi earphones have been developed in Japan since 1981 and will celebrate 40 years of history in 2021. ​

MADOO is an unprecedented earphone in the 40-year history of earphones, and its concept is to create a product that can be​

 used for several decades like a mechanical camera or a watch. ​

The first model, “Typ711”, took about 2 years of development before it was branded in 2021, and various speaker units were​

examined and developed regardless of the driving method, analog or digital. 

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