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UHD dynamic driver using newly developed “Belix diaphragm”

For "Typ512", we carefully selected the three important elements of the diaphragm from the components: light weight, rigidity, and sound, and adopted a newly designed and developed "Belix diaphragm." The Belix diaphragm is a composite diaphragm with a dome molded from a thin film of magnesium lithium alloy attached to an edge coated with beryllium vapor deposition.  
The magnesium lithium alloy used in "Typ512" is a material that has excellent specific strength and specific rigidity and does not produce unnecessary sound on the diaphragm. In addition, in terms of lightness, we use the lightest practical metal with a specific gravity of 1.5g/cm3. This allows the diaphragm to be lightweight while ensuring sound transparency. In addition, for the edges, beryllium, which is a light metal with the fourth atomic number, is deposited on the resin used as a medical base material to achieve both flexibility and rigidity while preventing unnecessary vibrations. Masu.  


The first product, "Typ711," aims to achieve a balance between a moderate wet feeling and a clear feeling by combining a planar driver with a balanced armature driver, but "Typ512" combines a planar driver with a dynamic driver to achieve a sense of volume. Our goal was to create a sound that balances the contradictory aspects of having a powerful bass sound that doesn't get dragged down by the aftertaste. While "Typ711" was a balanced tuning, "Typ512" is tuned with an emphasis on bass. For speedy band sounds, the bass drum's deep yet clear bass produces a sound with a sense of rhythm without being sluggish, and the deep bass and groovy synth sounds give you a live feeling that makes you feel like you're in a club. It also delivers bass without any harshness.  

Micro Square PM driver “Planar” 

Micro Square Planar Magnetic is, in principle, a driver that uses planar dynamic technology. A flat coil is bonded to a diaphragm made of a highly rigid composite material that combines a membrane-shaped lightweight metal alloy and super engineering plastic inside a metal box made of highly processed thin plates, and a powerful magnet generates vibrations. Drive the board.  

This driver has a unique tone that uses a highly rigid composite material diaphragm to produce a tight and clear sound, while the coil directly drives the diaphragm to produce a dynamic, powerful tone.  

Housing architecture "MIAA" and highly precisely managed schematic design

In order to increase reliability and maximize performance, we have adopted the unique housing architecture "MIAA: MADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture" from the "Typ711". All products will be developed based on this architecture.  

We call the part that stores the driver an acoustic box. This acoustic box is manufactured using a 3D printing process and has a complex acoustic circuit called Schematic Design.  

Many multi-driver earphones on the market use vinyl tube sound tubes. However, vinyl tubes have various issues such as the material itself being soft, the loss of sound due to crushing due to curvature, and the lack of reproducibility of characteristics due to unstable manufacturing even with the best design. . In other words, these earphones have individual differences, and the user depends on the fate of the earphones, just like a musical instrument. As a means to solve these problems, we developed the housing architecture "MIAA" to solve these problems.  

Each driver is firmly fixed in a precise position and guided by an acoustically engineered sound tube. Sound tubes designed using Schematic Design are acoustically optimized with hole diameter, length, filter function, and bore function. This allows you to deliver great sound. This time's "Typ512" has an acoustically unique tube design such as a new unequal diameter tube and a composite spline tube. This makes it possible to create complex acoustic designs that could not be achieved with molds or vinyl tubes. We have also made improvements to our 3D printed parts, and now we have newly adopted precision resin. In order to make the most of this resin, we reviewed the pre-cure and post-cure curing processes in the manufacturing process, making it possible to manufacture extremely precise parts controlled at the 5μm level. As a result, quality is strictly controlled and individual differences during manufacturing are suppressed, allowing users to enjoy the sound quality as intended in the design.  

Combines beauty and functionalitysapphire crystal

The design concept of MADOO is based on the image of a submarine or a clock window. This is because the concept is to create earphones that can be used for many years. We searched for a suitable material for windows and came across sapphire crystal.

Sapphire crystal has a Mohs hardness of 9, making it extremely scratch resistant and highly heat resistant. Given the concept of earphones that will be used for many years, we thought that the optimal material would be heat and corrosion resistance that cannot be obtained with glass or plastic materials. In addition, in terms of functionality, the structure is designed to bring out the performance of the speaker units by controlling the back pressure of the speaker units using air gaps.Sapphire crystal is more transparent and more beautiful than glass or plastic, and is a material used in high-end watches.

High rigid housing

Housing rigidity is necessary to maximize the potential of the driver unit. The housing was designed by an engineer who is familiar with metal processing and has worked on cutting tools for Swiss and Japanese luxury watches and German automobiles. The housing is manufactured by cutting this out of an aluminum block using high-precision CNC machining. MADOO has a design philosophy that the rigidity of the housing affects the sound quality. For this reason, we applied finishes that do not compromise on sound quality, such as sandblasting the housing surface to give it hardness and designing the shell to be thicker than standard earphones.

Optimized shape derived from ear impressions of 300 people

Western and European ears are considered to be the base design according to international standards, but they are very large compared to Asian ears, which often causes problems with fitting.In addition, the main market for high-end earphones is Asia, centered on Japan, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea.

We focused on this and collected ear molds of 300 men from these regions over a period of about three years, and based on this we derived the optimal shape. As a result, we have created a housing that combines high-quality fit and design.

Custom cable by Acoustune

The earphone cable uses a 2-core 4-core cable made of silver-coated copper wire by Acoustune, a brother brand.

The cable reduces sound quality loss and ensures the performance of the earphones. The connector section uses the new IEM connector "Pentaconn Ear" designed and produced by Nippon Dicks Co., Ltd., which boasts high sound quality and high reliability. Compared to traditional MMCX connectors, the plug and socket parts are in closer contact, providing superior conduction performance. It also achieves both ease of attachment and detachment and robustness.  

This product comes with two cables as standard: "MRC011" with a 3.5mm 3-pole L-shaped gold-plated plug and "MRC023" with a 4.4mm 5-pole L-shaped gold-plated plug.  


product name


housing material

maximum input


Frequency characteristic


Cable (2 types)

weight(Including cable)


​Warranty period


Micro Planar Driver x1 +UHD Dymamic "Belix" Driver x1

Aluminum + Sapphire crystal




Pentaconn Ear

[Name]: MRC011 / Pentaconn Ear 3.5mm 3-pole plug
4-core silver-plated copper wire cable (4-core structure, opaque black sheath: Japanese resin), cable length approximately 1.2 m

[Name]: MRC023 / Pentaconn Ear 4.4 mm 5-pole plug
4-core silver-plated copper wire cable (4-core structure, opaque black sheath: Japanese resin), cable length approximately 1.2 m


Silicone ear tips (AEX07: S / M / L), foam tips (free size)​,

Eartip case, carrying case

​Main unit: 1 year / Cables and accessories: 90 days

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